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ACIES Symposium





Thursday, September 24th

9:00 am-10:30 am


The French Research Tax Credit, a strong leverage to the development of your R&D activity.

This tax incentive, much more attractive since 2008 (up to 50% of your R&D expenses) must be fully understood for its proper implementation.


The RTC is the main R&D funding tool in France, used in 2007 by 9,657 companies and considered as one of the most effective R&D incentives in the OECD.
It is clearly designed to increase R&D expenses and budgets, attract R&D activities in France and stimulate public-private partnerships (R&D expenses subcontracted to public research institutions are multiplied by 2 in RTC’s scalculation).

During this workshop, ACIES, with over 20 years of RTC expertise, will show you the stakes, opportunities and rules related to this French R&D funding tool created in 1983.
Furthermore, ACIES’ Consultants will give you an overview of all the best practices (budgeting, R&D project selection, project management, information systems, etc.) to help you optimize and secure this R&D funding tool, too often reduced to a simple tax-optimization measure.

A French bio industry company will also come to illustrate the good implementation of this measure, pointing out its benefits.




11:00 am-12:30 am


The best funding strategy for your collaborative research projects

Funding is a key element in boosting and ensuring the success of your research project. ACIES will provide you with all the information you need on the different public aid available and its aims


Collaborative research programs have grown ever more complex, along with their technological and organisational aspects. Project teams have become multidisciplinary, multicultural and multisite and have come to include actors from both the private and public sectors. At the same time, the number of tools dedicated to research funding has grown considerably, in France and in Europe on the whole.

For this workshop, two ACIES Consultants, collaborative programme experts (FP7, etc.) will give you a global view of existing funding instruments and focus on the keys to understanding the aim and implementation of these tools. A decision-maker in charge of R&D activities will also bring you his testimony and share his international collaborative research program experience with you.

The aim of this workshop is to give you an opportunity to exchange about best practice with highly experienced actors in the field, to assess the stakes and constraints involved in using funding tools and, finally, to make the most pertinent choices according to your research objectives.


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