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These internal regulations set out the terms and conditions applicable to the agreement for the hire of space, premises, equipment and services by the Organiser to Exhibitors. The designated Organiser is “SA PACKAGE ORGANISATION” who has been commissioned by EURASANTE.





A/ The Organiser reserves the right to define the selection criteria for the private persons or legal entities wishing to take part in the commercial event which it is to organise.


B/ The Organiser intends to retain complete control over the organisation of the trade fair, exhibition or other commercial events which it is organising and does not justify its decisions to grant or refuse admission to any candidates.





A/ Reservations only become effective upon signature of an order form. Accordingly, the Hirer hereby undertakes to pay the full price.


B/ The sending by the Organiser of an order form does not in any event constitute a contractual undertaking on its part. All agreements must include the following information: the organisation to which the Hirer belongs, its address, the name of its representative, the dates of the event and the premises, equipment and services hired, for which the tariffs are set out in the body of the agreement or in an appended document, along with the prices and amounts of payments and the representative designated by the Hirer.


C/ Any order forms which are not formulated on the official form published by the Organiser, any incomplete order form shall be null and void. The Organiser is not bound to inform Exhibitors of any anomalies in their order forms.


D/ The use which the Hirer intends to make of the premises and equipment hired, implies an undertaking on the part of the Hirer not to modify such use without the agreement of the Organiser and not to exercise any activities other than those which are in line with the purpose of the event in the premises subject to hire.


E/ Any changes made to the surface area hired may automatically lead to the removal of the stand attributed by the Organiser, without this giving rise to any compensation to the Hirer whatsoever.





A/ The Hirer must communicate to PACKAGE ORGANISATION, by July 15, 2009 at the latest a detailed description of the equipment and services to be provided by the Organiser.


B/ Any service which is not provided for by the agreement must be subject to a further



C/ For technical reasons or as a result of a case of force majeure, the Organiser may be required to refuse all or part of the services provided for in the foregoing article.


D/ Any complementary services (namely food and beverages) must have the approval of the Organiser and must be provided by the Organiser’s services.





A/ The undertakings of the Organiser with regard to prices are stated exclusive of VAT. The taxes and rates in force upon the date of payment shall be added to all prices.


B/ The payment terms for EuroBiO are as follows: Settlement of 50% of the total amount inclusive of VAT upon order (no reservation will be taken into account without the settlement of this down payment).
Remainder due by July 1st, 2009.
Payment to be addressed PACKAGE ORGANISATION.
In the event of cancellation by the Hirer more than 60 days before the start of the event, the Organiser shall refund all of the sums paid by the Hirer after deduction of the registration fees. In the event of cancellation by the Hirer less than 60 days before the start of the event, the Organiser shall recover the right to dispose of the premises hired by the Hirer as it sees fit and shall retain all sums paid, and the Hirer shall be bound to pay the full amount of sums due, even after the intended expiration of the agreement.


C/ Any complementary services ordered after signature of the initial agreement shall be payable in full on cash terms, upon receipt of the invoice, or in accordance with the payment terms set out in the order forms.


D/ The tariffs set out in the agreement are those which are in force upon the date of signature of the said agreement.




A/ The Organiser fixes the dates and place of the event. In the event of force majeure, the dates and the place may be changed.


B/ The Organiser establishes the event plan and is responsible for distributing space, taking account, as far as possible, of the wishes expressed by the Exhibitors, the nature of their products and the layout of the stand that they intend to set up. The Organiser reserves the right to modify the size and the layout of the surface area requested by the Exhibitor, whenever it deems fit.


C/ Participation in previous events does not give rise to any claim of the Exhibitor to a given location.


D/ The Organiser is exempt from all liability with regard to any prejudice whatsoever (including trespass and any commercial prejudices) which might be suffered by the Exhibitors for any reason whatsoever and namely for any delayed opening or early closure of the event, or any closure or destruction of stands, fire or any claims whatsoever.


E/ The Organiser indicates the most precise possible measurements on the plans remitted to the Exhibitors. However, the Exhibitors are responsible for checking on the compliance of these measurements before installing their stand. The Organiser cannot be held liable for any slight differences which may be observed between the measurements indicated and the actual dimensions of the stand space.


F/ Should it become impossible to place the necessary premises at the disposal of the Exhibitors, also in the event that fire, war, public disorder or a case of force majeure should render it impossible to do all that is necessary for the event, the Organiser shall be entitled to cancel, at any time whatsoever, the registered requests for space, by informing the Exhibitors to this effect in writing. In this event, the Exhibitors shall have no right to claim damages or compensation, irrespective of the reason for such decision. Any sums which remain, after payment of all the expenses incurred, shall be distributed among the Exhibitors on a pro rata basis, in accordance with the sums paid by the latter, it being hereby expressly agreed that the Exhibitors shall not be entitled to make any claims whatsoever, for any reason whatsoever against the Organiser in this respect.





A/ The Hirer may not transfer the rights resulting from the agreement for hire to any other party whatsoever and may not ub-let all or part of the premises attributed, without the written agreement of the Organiser.


B/ The Hirer undertakes to subscribe to all the insurance policies necessary (more particularly a civil liability policy for Exhibitors, a policy to cover the theft of the products exhibited) so as to provide it with full cover for any risks of any nature whatsoever during the organisation and the course of the event, for which it assumes full responsibility, without the possibility of any claims against the Organiser. Any special materials or complementary installations brought by the Hirer must be subject to the prior written agreement of the Organiser and must be covered by a complementary insurance policy which shall be presented to the Organiser before such special materials or complementary installations are brought into the premises.





A/ The Hirer must comply with and ensure compliance with by all persons under its command or taking part in the events, all statutory and regulatory provisions applicable to establishments which are open to the public, as well as any internal security instructions.


B/ Notwithstanding any specific agreement with the Organiser, the Hirer shall assume sole responsibility for entry into the premises, at its own expense. The Hirer must take account of security regulations in this respect.


C/ The Hirer must comply with and ensure compliance with all statutory and regulatory provisions with regard to morality, public order and the smooth running of the event.


D/ The Organiser may evict any person whose attitude is deemed to be incompatible with the dignity of the establishment, or who refuses to comply with the instructions of the event guards.




9.1. Decoration - layout

A/ The Organiser is responsible for the general decoration of the site.


B/ Any specific decoration on stands is carried out by the Exhibitors under their own responsibility, while taking account of the regulations set out by the Organiser. In any event, this decoration must be in line with the general decoration. The Exhibitors must have completed installing and setting up the products exhibited on the eve of the opening of the event.


C/ Any specific decoration which is inconsistent with the general provisions set out by the regulations, can only be admitted with written authorisation granted following the presentation of plans with corresponding measurements or mock-ups, in the deadline stipulated by the technical file. The specifications of the building which houses the event must be complied with.


D/ The Organiser reserves the right to have removed or modified any installations which detract from the overall appearance of the event, or which create a disturbance for neighbouring

Exhibitors or visitors, or which are not in line with the plan or mock-up submitted beforehand.


E/ All illuminated or sound-accompanied advertising, as well as any attractions, performances or shows, must be submitted for the approval of the Organiser, which, moreover, may retract its authorisation, in the event of any nuisance caused to neighbouring Exhibitors, the circulation of persons or the smooth running of the exhibition.


F/ Each Exhibitor, or its representative, shall organise the transport, receipt and dispatch of its parcels, as well as the inspection of their contents.


G/ All parcels must be unpacked upon arrival. In the event that the Exhibitors or their representatives are not present to receive their parcels, the Organiser may have them stored, unpacked or re-dispatched automatically, at the expense and risk of the Exhibitors.


H/ Exhibitors must not obstruct or encroach on circulation aisles and must not in any event hinder their neighbours.


9.2. Security regulations

A/ The Exhibitors are required to be familiar and comply with the security measures imposed by the Public Authorities, or, where the case may be, taken by the Organiser. Obligations of the Exhibitors: Exhibitors are required to comply strictly with the security regulations. All stand installations, whether authorised or submitted for prior approval, must be completed for the visit of the Security Commission. The Exhibitors must take all of the necessary measures to ensure that the Security Commission may conduct a thorough inspection of their stand. Access to emergency facilities: All stands must be laid out so as not to obstruct access to fire hose valves or extinguishers, or the controls of the various security systems. If the fire hose valves are located inside the stands, they must remain visible and accessible. Markings to emergency exits and emergency equipment must remain perfectly visible at all times (fire hose cabinets, extinguishers, smoke removal controls, alarm systems). In the event of installations such as roof linings, false ceilings, partitions which obstruct same, the Organiser shall be required to re-establish marking for access to emergency exits and equipment.


B/ Exhibitors must be present on their stands during the visit of the Security Commission which will take place on the evening or the morning before the opening of EuroBiO.


9.3. Stand appearance

A/ The appearance of the stands must be impeccable. All bulk packaging and objects which are not used for the presentation of the stand, as well as personal belongings of stand personnel must be placed out of sight of visitors.


B/ The stands must be occupied by a competent person at all times during exhibition opening hours.


C/ Exhibitors must not take down stands or withdraw any of their products from stands before the end of the event, even in the event that the latter is extended.


D/ It is forbidden to leave exhibits covered during exhibition opening hours. Covers used at night must not be visible to visitors, but must be tidied away inside stands, out of sight of visitors.


E/ The Organiser reserves the right to remove anything covering products in accordance with the provisions set out hereinabove, without being held liable, in any manner whatsoever, for any damage or loss which this might cause.


F/ All persons employed by Exhibitors for the event must be tidily dressed, must remain courteous and irreproachably behaved at all times. They shall not provoke or cause a nuisance to visitors or other Exhibitors in any manner whatsoever. Exhibitors or their representatives must not use circulation aisles to present their products (either by walking or standing in aisles).


G/ Any advertising spoken aloud to attract customers, and any soliciting of any nature whatsoever are strictly forbidden.


H/ The persons employed by the Exhibitors must not address visitors so as to form a gathering of people in the circulation aisles, which would cause a disturbance or a hazard for neighbouring Exhibitors. All demonstrations and the distribution of brochures are prohibited elsewhere than on the stand occupied by the Exhibitor.


I/ The Organiser reserves the exclusive right to post bills in the enclosure housing the event. Accordingly, Exhibitors may only use posters and signs from their own company, and only inside their stand, to the exclusion of any others and within the scope of the provisions concerning the general decoration.


J/ Circulars, brochures, catalogues, printed matter, vouchers or objects of any nature whatsoever may only be distributed by Exhibitors on their stands. No leaflets concerning items which are not exhibited may be distributed without the written authorisation of the Organiser.


K/ The distribution or sale of newspapers, periodicals, leaflets, brochures, lottery tickets, insignia, participation vouchers and so on, even if they concern a charitable organisation or event, as well as any kind of surveys are prohibited, without an exemption granted by the Organiser.


9.4. Dismantling
A/ Exhibitors, or their duly authorised representatives, are required to be present on their stand from the start of dismantling operations, until complete clearance of their stand.
The clearance of stands, goods, articles and specific decorations must be carried out by the Exhibitors before the deadline and during the hours specified by the Organiser. Beyond this deadline, the Organiser may have the objects present on the stand transported to a storage warehouse of its choice at the expense and risk of the Exhibitor and without being held liable for any total or partial damage.


9.5. Degradation and damage

A/ The Exhibitors must leave the stands, decor and material provided to them in their initial state. Any deterioration caused by their goods or installations, either to the equipment, the building, or the floor space occupied, shall be assessed by architects and invoiced to the Exhibitors.





A/ The Organiser has the right to draft, publish and circulate, either free of charge or in exchange for a fee, the event catalogue. It may transfer all or part of this right, as well as the advertising included in this catalogue.


B/ The information required to draft the catalogue is provided by the Exhibitors under their responsibility. The Organiser shall not, in any event, be held liable for any omissions, reprographic, compositional or other errors which may occur. It may refuse to insert or modify any wording which does not comply with the general provisions or which might have an adverse effect on the other Exhibitors or the event.





11.1. Insurance

A/ In addition to the insurance covering the items on exhibition and more generally all the movable or other property belonging to them, Exhibitors are required to subscribe to all insurance policies covering the risks that they and their staff run or to which they expose third parties, at their own expense. The Organiser is deemed to be exempt from any liability in this respect, notably in the event of loss, theft or any damage whatsoever. All Exhibitors subscribing to insurance policies must produce a certificate issued by their insurance company waiving the right to make any claims against the Organiser.


11.2. Customs
A/ Each Exhibitor is responsible for completing the customs formalities pertaining to any equipment and products originating from foreign countries. The Organiser may not be held liable for any difficulties which may arise during the completion of these formalities.


11.3. Industrial property
A/ Exhibitors shall be responsible for the industrial protection of the equipment or products which they exhibit and this shall be ensured in accordance with the statutory provisions in force (such as filing of French patent applications). These measures must be taken before the presentation of said equipment or products. The Organiser shall assume no liability whatsoever in this respect.


11.4. French Society of Music Authors, Composers and Publishers
A/ It is hereby expressly stipulated that there is no agreement between the Organiser and the “Société des Auteurs et Compositeurs de Musique” (SACEM -the French Society of Music Authors, Composers and Publishers). Accordingly, the Exhibitors must deal directly with the SACEM if they intend to use music for their event, even if only for the demonstration of sound equipment. In this respect, the Organiser declines any responsibility with regard to the SACEM.


11.5. Forgery/infringement
The Organising Committee of the exhibition reserves the right to exclude, without prior notice or compensation, any Exhibitor which commits acts tantamount to forgery/infringement throughout the duration of the exhibition. This measure may only be taken after intervention of the competent Public Authorities which have validated an opinion issued by the Organising Committee, in accordance with the legislation and procedures governing forgery/infringement in the French territory.




A/ Nobody may be admitted to the event enclosure without presenting a voucher issued or approved by the Organiser. The latter reserves the right to refuse entry to the event to any person whatsoever, without giving any reason for this refusal. In addition, the Organiser reserves the right to evict any person whose behaviour, in the opinion of the Organiser, justifies such eviction.


B/ Visitors are required to comply with security, public order and policing regulations adopted by the authorities.




In the event of any disputes, the Courts seated in the jurisdiction of the organisations headquarters shall have exclusive authority to rule upon the matter; these regulations being drafted in the English language, the English language version shall be authoritative.


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