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We thank all the EuroBiO2009 participants for having made this edition a successful event.“


• 1 400 participants registered
• 42 countries represented
• 3 500 one-to-one meetings scheduled



Enjoy access to private and public decision-makers for assistance in your partnership, collaborative and TechTransfer projects.

Optimize your alliance portfolio by discovering projects and products stemming from academic research and budding companies

Share your experience with investors, industrial companies and experts alike to enhance your projets and opportunities for development.

Offer numerous ways to encounter prospective clients, either at your stand, by appointment, through project presentations either at lunch or a network evening.


For access to one-to-one meetings, conferences, lunches, and more.

Schedule appointments via our online application and meet contacts at your stand.

Workshops, success stories, company presentations, case studies - less theory! Share experience and key insights with experts!

To meet your requirements, ever-more space and time are dedicated to informal networking activities, including a central bar & lounge, an open buffet and lunch accessible to all, and festive networking evenings.

The Universal Biotech Innovation Grant rewards excellence in technological innovation and bioindustry development.


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